Come wander the Wild Path of the Soul with me through the use of the Tarot, intuition, and ecopsychology. On the blog you can find out more about how I am weaving this interconnected path. My services include Tarot Consultations (via Zoom, email/messaging and limited face-to-face) focused on helping you access your intuition to help with personal and other development, such as building your business. Examples of areas we could cover are ‘What do I need to focus on in the next 3 months?’; ‘How do I create more meaning in my life?’; ‘What should I call my new business?’. Depending on what comes up I can give you exercises to take away to aid further reflection.

Find out more about me on the About Me page and find out more about the way I work on the Philosophy and Approach page .

Details of pricing and how to book a session can be found on the Pricing & How to Book page.

Finally, a quick note about this website. I have deliberately chosen a simple design that is focused on Web Accessibility. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site’s accessibility, do let me know. Thank you.


  • New Deck Interview Spread with The Fat Folks Tarot
    Gosh it feels like a very long time since I did my new deck interview with The Fat Folks Tarot Deck! Luckily I made notes….So first off the deck was a one-off project last year organised by It was a non-profit project with proceeds going to Trans Lifeline, created by different fat folks and…
  • Special offer
    I’m currently running a special offer on Tarot sessions. Book a Review & Plan The Year session with me, lasting up to one hour, for £20 via Zoom. Please check the Pricing and Booking page for details on how to book and what to expect. Share this…PinterestFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail
  • Six months with the Wildwood…..
    Well it’s been two months since I was here! I didn’t anticipate being away that long. I do have a New Deck Interview to write up for the Fat Folks Tarot but I have to admit not a lot has been happening on the Tarot front. Partly it’s because I’ve been busy getting my crochet…
  • New Deck Interview with the Oak, Ash & Thorn
    Tarot is squeezing itself into my energy at the moment whilst I get my crochet business settled in. Originally I was combining it with the Tarot side over here but I realised there were going to be challenges with that, not least that people interested in Tarot might not be interested in crafting and vice…
  • The New Deck Interview Spread from Abundant Life Tarot & the Star Spinner deck
    Following on from my last post about Kimberly’s Deck Collecting course, as part of it one of the spread resources she provides is a New Deck Interview Spread. These types of spreads are, as it says, aimed at getting to know a new deck, but Kimberly also suggests using it if you’re not sure whether…