Woman wearing a long purple hemp dress and green hand knitted shawl, holding Wildwood Tarot Deck fanned out, whilst sitting on overgrown grass next to a tree

Hello, my name is Alison and I live in the wilds of Bedfordshire, UK. Well, not really wild but it’s about as wild as it gets round here! I’m a lifelong learner who loves being part of nature and doing creative and intuitive work. Part of the reason I called my business Wild Path of the Soul is because my route to here, so far, has been nothing like I could have expected. As a result of chronic illness, I have been out of mainstream work for over 8 years but prior to that I was a professional Trainer, Coach and Facilitator working in big organisations both employed, and then freelance. I have an MSc in Organizational Behaviour (I did my research on ethical decision-making in a law firm!) and am qualified and experienced in using personality profiling tools, as well as other psychometrics. After I had to give up my freelance work I started training as a counsellor with Re:Vision in Integrative Psychosynthesis and completed the first year, focused on personal development. As a result of that very deep year of learning, my whole body knew that continuing with the training was not right for me with my health issues. As my health worsened I then focused on looking after myself and our dog for several years. However two years ago I felt well enough to manage some voluntary work from home, and I set up and ran the Pig Rehoming Service for pigs in need with Pigs In the Wood Sanctuary. It grew into something much bigger than we ever imagined and in March 2021 I decided I needed to step back for the sake of my health but also because I was ready to start putting my energy into new projects. I continue to look after the website for the sanctuary.

In amongst all of this, were Tarot and yarn crafts! I have worked with Tarot cards on and off for 10 years, starting with the Wildwood Deck, after seeing an Instagram friend demonstrating the App. Every time I got the cards out and did a reading for myself, the awareness and learning I gained from them was invaluable. Then in the last six months during a focused period of self development, I realised that I wanted to take things further with the Tarot and help others use it to access their own intuition. I started the Professional Tarot Consulting Course – Part 1 with Katrina Wynne and completed it in May 2021 (you can learn more about Katrina and her course here: https://globalspiritualstudies.com/tarot/katrina-wynne/). Along with my training in coaching, facilitation, NLP, and Ecopsychology over the years, I am pleased to be able to support others in their own development and insights.

Alongside my Tarot work I also have a small business providing sustainable and unique HumanWear and HomeWare crocheted using vegan-friendly reclaimed, preloved and recycled yarns. You can find out more about that and the link to my shop at: www.wildpawsrecrafting.co.uk.