Certificate for Alison on completion of course
Certificate for Alison on completion of course
Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate of Completion

What got me back into Tarot seriously was doing the HiberNation course last Autumn/Winter with Sam of Wolf & Wing – https://wolfandwing.co.uk/collections/courses. Each month of the six month course was centred around an animal associated with that time of the year but also included lots of space for other self development and creativity. As part of it I got my Wildwood Deck out, perfect fit for the course, and started to play with it again. And then I realised that I really missed having someone or somewhere to go to help me get back in touch with my inner wisdom . When I did the first year of the Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling course (http://www.re-vision.org.uk/), one of the tutors at the end said to me that I held very deep wisdom, and I knew it was true, and that it had thrived during that year. I missed that space and that support but at the same time I knew it wasn’t a therapeutic environment I needed but just someone or somewhere to act as a guide and mirror. Shortly after, the Wildwood Study Group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildwoodtarot/), facilitated by Alison Cross, which I’d been lurking in for a while, started a study along for ‘A Year In the Wildwood’ which follows the cards on their path around the year. As I worked with The Shaman card, I realised that I had no need of another person or place to be my guide, that it was all within me and that the cards were bringing me back to a state where I could access that wisdom more easily. Suddenly I found myself, from one of Alison’s Instagram posts, joining the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and then I found a thread in the forum all about Tarot and Psychology, I had found my people!

It’s definitely felt like a breadcrumb stepping stone journey because in that thread I saw a book and a course mentioned. I went to check them out online and within a matter of a couple of weeks I was starting the course because the next date was due imminently (much thanks to my dad who kindly lent me the money to do it). Sometimes it is best not to spend too much time thinking about things but to follow the heart! Our last creature of HiberNation was Moth, and I was in full on Moth in cocoon waiting to emerge transformed mode.

The course I signed up to was Professional Tarot Consulting with Katrina Wynne (https://globalspiritualstudies.com/product/professional-tarot-consulting-certificate-program/). Because I was a last minute joiner I had to watch about 8 hours of videos in about two weeks and skim read six books! It would be fair to say my brain just about exploded with all the new input, especially when it got to Astrology, Alchemy and Kabbalah which I had little knowledge of. Eight weeks later and it was all over. Intense, fun, challenging, and mind expanding. I don’t think I’m ever going to be a Tarot Guide who uses Astrology (far too much complicated detail and numbers for my big picture brain) or Kabbalah (I just don’t feel comfortable using it not being Jewish), but at least I have some understanding of these areas which have had a big part in traditional Tarot. What was important to me was that Katrina’s approach is all about working with the client, drawing out their intuitive reactions to the cards, mixing it together with our own intuitions and knowledge, and creating something unique. It’s an approach that if you are a qualified therapist, you can call Tarot Counselling. And because Katrina is an experienced therapist, one of the other key things she emphasises in the course is ethics and issues I am familiar with from therapy such as boundaries, non-judgement, and transference. Although I think it is unlikely that Tarot Reading will ever become a qualified profession, it was important for me to treat it as such, because integrity is one of my key values and to act with integrity, is to me, to act professionally. The opportunities to practice these skills and using our Tarot knowledge in general were invaluable, and as a result my UK study buddies and I have formed a strong bond, in fact there are so many synchronicities it seems like fate meant us to connect on this course.

So here I am. I have my certificate from the PTC and I’m looking forward to Part 2 in January. I’ll be attending Katrina’s monthly Professional Supervision sessions and attending other talks, reading, and continuing to ‘meet’ and learn with my study buddies when we can. I am so very grateful for the learning opportunities I have had over the last nine months. That chance to reconnect with what is important has brought me back to myself. My path now is to help other people find their inner guide through the Tarot and maybe they too will emerge transformed, or if not, a little more in tune with themselves.

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