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Tarot is squeezing itself into my energy at the moment whilst I get my crochet business settled in. Originally I was combining it with the Tarot side over here but I realised there were going to be challenges with that, not least that people interested in Tarot might not be interested in crafting and vice versa (although I can’t imagine why that would be!). Anyway, if you are by any chance interested, my Crochet persona is Wild Paws Recrafting and you can find it over here: https://wildpawsrecrafting.co.uk/. I create sustainable and unique crocheted HumanWear & HomeWare with vegan-friendly reclaimed and recycled yarns, including some very funky hats!

But let’s get back to the Tarot…I promised I would try out different New Deck Interview spreads with each of my decks as a way of introducing them. So today I am sharing my reading with the Oak, Ash and Thorn Deck by Three Trees Tarot. This is a fairly recent addition to the family and definitely a happy one. I bought it because I was, well, a) won over by pictures of it on Instagram, but importantly b) because I wanted a vegan-friendly deck.

I can hear you asking what veganism has to do with a Tarot deck. To be honest, it didn’t cross my mind until recently, and I’m vegan 😁. However I had this idea to try and find a vegan-themed deck to use with clients for whom that would resonate. I figured as decks have become more diverse and socially conscious there might just be one out there. Guess what, I didn’t find any (if you know of one lurking in a vegan pantry somewhere let me know), a definite market opportunity there I’d say. But what I did come across was this very interesting discussion on Aeclectic Tarot : “Vegan” deck? . It had never occurred to me, though it probably should have, that some people would find images of other species being used, such as a horse being ridden or pulling the chariot, as upsetting. I could see that images of other species being hurt, such as swords stuck in them, might be too much for some people, but to be honest I view those more as reflecting reality and so long as humans are also depicted sometimes in painful, tortured situations, I don’t see it as an issue. However, as I want to be able to offer clients decks that work for them and I do have vegan friends who do have issues with images, it was something I decided to take on board. None of my existing decks quite fitted. Way of the Panda, which I’ll look at in another post, was probably the closest but several of the Swords cards might just be a little too close to the mark, even though they are very gentle depictions.

And then I saw Oak, Ash and Thorn (OAT). Like Way of the Panda it is an all animal deck which takes out the issue of human exploitation. What’s more it is a deck with vegan-friendly ethics. The creators, Three Trees Tarot, give 2% of sales to the League Against Cruel Sports here in the UK and the deck was printed by an eco-conscious printer who, amongst other things, uses vegetable-based inks.

The wording on the back of the deck box about being eco-friendly

Being firmly rooted in the British natural world it also speaks well to the places I know and likely for my British clients. To date when I have offered my clients a choice they resoundingly go for the Wildwood deck, I think because they can identify with where it comes from as it is set in a pagan Britain. I hope the OAT deck will have the same impact. There is one potentially difficult card for those who are particularly sensitive to images, and that’s the 10 of Swords which shows a stabbed raven, so that is something I would need to flag up. But generally as this card is about suffering, I haven’t seen any decks where a living being is not suffering so its a tricky one. I guess if it did come up and potentially would pose an issue we could choose to discuss the meaning of the card without revealing the image.

So, how did OAT fare in the interview? This time I used a spread from the Little Red Tarot shop which came with an order I’d made.

Tarot cards mentioned below in the spread positions 1-3 across the top row and then 4-6 from right to left bottom row

1. What is your most important characteristic? – The Fool = Naivety, beginner mind, innocence, joyful, curiosity. Ah, what lovely qualities in a deck. This is a deck to explore with without constraint.

2. What are your strengths? – 7 of Pentacles = Grounded, comforting, resting on the journey. Even better, this is a deck to be nourished by.

3. What are your limits as a deck? – Death – Hmmm, sounds like this might not be the best deck to use for big life changes. More for mindful pauses perhaps. Or maybe it is not going to elicit big changes because it is too gentle.

4. How can I best collaborate with you? – Blank card (I actually couldn’t see anywhere what the 2 blank cards are used for so I made this up!) = However I want. Well, ok then!

5. What is the potential quality of our relationship? – (Reversed) Devil = This fits with what has come up so far, that this is a grounding deck leading away from temptations. Though conversely it probably isn’t a deck to use for shadow work.

6. Guidance for today? – (Reversed) The Emperor = No need to be in charge today, just go with the flow. And I did!

I found this reading very different to that I did with the Star Spinner and this definitely felt like a deck I will be working with a lot. I think it will also fit nicely with the Wildwood if I want to combine decks. My favourite cards, shown below, are The Chariot, The Hermit, and the Knight of Cups. That Chariot card is so inventive and given my chronically fatigued state, rather apt for my life!

My favourites

Next time I’m going to introduce you to my newest deck the Fat Folks Tarot.

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