Wildwood Tarot Deck card 9 of Stones – Tradition. Main image is of a man who is wearing antlers and has a long white beard/moustache sat cross-legged holding an Ouroboros style object and a snake. His eyes are closed and behind are 9 standing stones and a full moon. (Image from cards by: http://thewildwoodtarot.com/ and http://willworthingtonart.co.uk/)

I am writing my first post on this new blog on the same day that in my morning daily draw of a Tarot card I pull out the Nine of Stones – Tradition (Reversed*). If you are new to Tarot this will mean very little. For me it is confirmation of my wild path. I am striving to take my own route, to build on, leave behind, and create traditions. This will be, I think, a recurring theme in this blog.

Just one story for now….at the moment there are many posts about creating rituals for the full moon. Me, I will probably glance out the window. My head tells me I should be doing rituals but every time I try to create something around the lunar cycle or the seasons, it feels false and forced. It’s just not me. I realised this week I don’t need to do anything external because I feel the world within me. Mine is a felt connection. A ‘ritual’ may simply be the instinctive taking of a deeper breath because the moon shines so beautifully. And so it looks like I am doing nothing, and in a way I am. But at the same time something is happening continuously without need for my conscious involvement. This is what I see as the foundation of Ecopsychology. It’s like some people say they feel better being in nature, but to me I am nature, there is no separation. I am interconnected with everything else. Though sometimes I do need reminding of that.

My approach to Tarot is not traditional either. I prefer to call myself a Guide rather than a Reader because my focus is on guiding the other person to their own story through the nudges of the cards. The value for me is always in the dance between them, their intuition and knowledge, the symbolism in the cards, and my own intuition and knowledge. What we work together to create in that moment may never be created again.

So this blog may not be what you are expecting. It may not even be what I am expecting. Let’s wait for what arises.

*Not all Tarot Readers use Reversals, I do. For me it is when a card comes out upside down and it can denote a blockage to/the opposite of/or a weak energy of the card’s upright meaning.

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  1. Love this bit – “It’s like some people say they feel better being in nature, but to me I am nature, there is no separation. I am interconnected with everything else.” – I so agree. And sounds great you are doing what feels right for you. Funnily enough I was writing something similar today about how our journeys will all look so unique and different, and there’s no need to follow the spiritual trends or what everyone else is doing if it’s something that doesn’t resonate with you. Same universal energies we’re tapping into today maybe 😀 Have fun creating your new traditions. Looking forward to your future posts 💙

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