Owing to my failure to take a picture of the cards mentioned in this post, please enjoy this photo of my doggy auditioning to be my Tarot Assistant (Black fluffy dog, sitting, wearing purple blanket with pink and white stars draped over his head)

Following on from my last post about Kimberly’s Deck Collecting course, as part of it one of the spread resources she provides is a New Deck Interview Spread. These types of spreads are, as it says, aimed at getting to know a new deck, but Kimberly also suggests using it if you’re not sure whether a deck in your collection is still for you. So with that in mind, I tried it out on the Star Spinner Deck by Trungles. It’s a mass market deck, beautifully produced and diverse (there are 4 versions of the Lovers card) which is a key reason why I bought it. But whenever I picked it up I felt flat. The images didn’t call to me and I found it hard to read. Unsure whether to persevere, because you know, other people love it so what was wrong with me, or sell it, I turned to this spread. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture of the cards and (spoiler alert) since I sold it, you’ll just have to make do with the summary below.

1. How will we get along? – XI Justice – Accountability. Hard-nosed. Warrior fighting against the problems of the world. = This is going to be a tough relationship.

2. What type of readings work best with this deck? – Page of Swords – New energy and ideas. Beginning of projects. Creative inspiration. Search for truth. = This is ok, I’d be happy with that.

3. What is the depth of connection I will have with this deck? – 6 of Chalices (Cups) – Love between opposites. Nostalgia for past joys. = Hmmm, sounding like we’re back to the hard work from question 1.

4. What will be most gained in the relationship with this deck? – Knight of Wands – A journey or adventure into something new. = Yeah but is it a new I really want to pursue? I mean I have limited energy, I need to use it wisely not gallivanting off all over the place.

5. What are the deck’s limitations? – 1 of Swords – Intense focus & clarity. May be so focused there’s no space for other perspectives. = I’m realising this deck is trying to speak to me on an intellectual level, which is why it leaves me feeling cold.

6. In 12 months how will I feel about this deck? – 9 of Swords (Reversed) – It could feel lighter and more welcome, or I could be blaming myself for not connecting with it = Hmmm, 50:50 risk there.

7. What is the overall outcome of the relationship? – 5 of Chalices – Scary card! Disembodied. Drowining. Nightmares. Disappointment & regret. = Can you hear me laughing?

The cards spoke of the dilemma I was having about this deck. When I looked at the spread as a whole, blue was the dominant colour, reinforcing a feeling of cold intellectualness. I knew now that if I persevered I might develop a better relationship with it but it would be hard work and the overall outcome was not remotely promising. The aspects of this reading that talked about challenge and toughness spoke to the part of me that doesn’t like to give up. But, part of learning to live with chronic illness has been about learning when it is really worth persevering and when it is better to quit.

Dear Readers, you won’t be surprised to know, Star Spinner and I broke up. The cards went off to a new home where I hope they are now finding a connection that is heartfelt.

So I’m glad I tried this spread because it helped me make sense of what I was feeling. I’ve decided over the next few weeks I’m going to interview my other decks as a way of introducing them to you, whilst hopefully trying out some different forms of new deck interview spreads. Fingers crossed there will be no more scary outcomes!

N.B. You can find good info on the Star Spinner Deck here: https://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/star-spinner-tarot/ and here: https://www.asaliearthwork.com/blog/starspinnertarot-review where you will see that other people have a very different, and happy, experience of the deck to me.

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